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CRM Software Report

The Executives Guide to Customer Relationship Management Software
The CRM Software Report has been published since May 1999 and has become a trusted source of straight talk and candid CRM software evaluations. This 9th edition has been updated with current software reviews as well as a new chapter dedicated to the software-as-a-service (SAAS) CRM solutions. What hasn't changed is the depth of our reviews and the many evaluation criteria which permit our findings and conclusions to be focused, candid, and relevant to individuals looking for expert opinion for each of the market leading CRM software solutions.

CRM software The CRM Software Report includes the following chapters:

  • Top SAAS CRM Software Solutions
  • Top On-Premise CRM Software Solutions
  • Top Open Source Software Solutions
  • Top CRM Software Products by Industry
  • Top CRM Add-On Products
  • The CRM Journey
  • The Most Useful CRM Web Sites

There are now over 300 CRM software products in the market place. The CRM Report focuses on only the market leading and most reputable CRM software products and can accelerate the identification of a qualified short list so more research and evaluation effort can be performed on the most likely contenders and best fit solutions. The CRM Software Report cuts through the hype to to illustrate both the panacea and pitfalls of the market leading CRM software products. Quickly highlighting the key differences among otherwise seemingly comparable CRM applications accelerates the software selection process, keeps the project relevant to your primary needs and reduces risk in choosing the wrong product.


International Business
Approved CRM Vendors
Increased International Emphasis
This years CRM software reviews have expanded the international criteria. With an increased focus on multi-national software capabilities, global representation, 24 by 7 support and other global considerations, this version of the report has additional appeal to companies in the European Union (EU), Latin America and Asia Pacific. Also see Reporte de Software CRM for the Spanish version.
Focus Your Evaluation
Let us help you cut through the noise so you can jump start your CRM software selection project, short list the right vendor solutions and spend your time evaluating the most proven CRM products backed by the most reputable software vendors.


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